Insurance Claims

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

If you are a property owner and have been getting flyers on your door after a storm, it's likely your property seems to have been affected by storm activity. At TBC, we have experienced project managers who are well trained in working with insurance property adjusters. Hundreds of thousands of roofs are replaced every year due to storm damage, and these roof replacements are often covered by most insurance policies. Contractors should know the way the insurance claim process works, but most only have a limited understanding of what the customer’s rights are under the guidelines of the policy.

TBC works with all insurance carriers and are recommended by many as preferred contractors. If your contractor is unable to explain your insurance claim clearly, you should contact TBC General Contracting for a free evaluation from one of our insurance specialists!

Schedule a Free Inspection From a Reputable Contractor
Have your property inspected by a licensed, insured, and reputable contractor. This inspection should be done at no charge to you. If the contractor tells you there is a charge for this inspection—you should look elsewhere.

Call Your Insurance Company and File a Claim
After your inspection is completed, we will advise you on the extent, or lack of, damage to your property. If your property is damaged and you file a claim, your insurance company will likely ask you if your roof has already been inspected and if you have selected a contractor. It’s your choice to work with any roofing company you wish. They can give recommendations, but ultimately, it’s up to you to pick the best contractor for your situation.

Have Your Contractor and Insurance Adjuster Asses the Property Together
Insurance adjusters are well trained in damage assessment but don’t always know local code and building requirements. It’s always better to have two sets of eyes during the insurance inspection, ensuring that everything that should be covered by your insurance company is included, and that all building code requirements are in the estimate.

Personalizing Your Project
Once you’ve decided on a contractor, it’s time to pick a manufacturer and color(s) for your project. GAF and Owens Corning are the most recognized roofing manufacturers in the United States. TBC General Contracting are top level Master Elite and Platinum Preferred Contractors with both, and our project managers will educate you on the products, ventilation, and how the insurance process works from A-Z!

The Insurance Process
Most customers’ out of pocket expense is only their deductible. We’re proud to say that our customers have saved millions of dollars by choosing TBC! We’re not only here to save you money, but we also want to save you time and the stress of dealing with insurance. We’re well-versed in all steps of the process when working with insurance companies, and will handle all invoicing with the insurance company, including any supplemental requests, and take care of all phone call coordinations to save you time and money!

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